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Mobile Spy-BoxAre you concerned about the well being and safety of your children? Do you have the slightest of doubt in your mind that your teen is misusing the Smartphone? Are you unsure about the loyalty of your employees towards the company? Well, if these are some of the concerns you are facing currently and want a concrete solution, you need to figure out one of the most effective software that work in stealth mode to detect the activities taking place in your Smartphonee. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you should be smart enough to purchase the right software that helps you monitor the phone activities. One of the highly recommended software is Mobile Spy.

Overview of Mobile Spy

The mobile spying application known as Mobile Spy is basically an application that works toward monitoring smartphones silently, but effectively. It is indeed regarded as the best smartphone tracking software invention. Simply by installing the cell phone monitoring program on your smartphone, you can begin to view and record every activity. The monitoring application performs its functions on its own in a secret mode and supports smartphones like Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone.

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Company Information

Mobile Spy03The company popularly known as Retina X Studios had set up its enterprise in the field of consulting and designing in the year 1997. It began its operations by developing a range of mobile tracking applications primarily for its outsourced customers and thereafter, it developed mobile monitoring software of its own. The primary application that was set up in the year 2003 was Ace Spy. Subsequently, a collection of dynamic and popular cell phone monitoring app was introduced known as Net Spy Pro plus Mobile Spy. The company has been consistent in offering complete professional software apps for all its customers.

Mobile Spy Functioning

Mobile Spy is indeed the latest cell phone surveillance software in the telecom industry today. This revolutionary software offers the feasibility of installing the application onto a mobile phone that belongs to you. Once the software is installed in your phone, the application logs all activities of your smartphone such as calls, text messages, and also tracks the location through GPS once in 30 minutes. Users no longer need to be physically present to monitor the whereabouts after installation as the logs are registered in your private account and the same can be scrutinized regardless of the distance simply by using a web browser, cell phone browser, or a Mac.

The superior technology of Mobile Spy is definitely simpler when the user guide and its related documents are referred to. You can obtain a detailed description that explains the overall functioning of the software. The steps are as follows:

  • The user buys the spying software and downloads it on the Smartphone Mobile Spy01to be monitored. Once this process is complete, the configuration is done depending on the monitoring needs.
  • The smartphone to be monitored has the ability to track all activities that include calling, texting, browsing, and so on. Mobile Spy records every activity discreetly and uploads for viewing on the server.
  • The user logs into the private account with the help of a laptop or PC with internet connectivity and views every activity in real time.

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Purchase & Setup Procedure of Mobile Spy

1.  Acquisition: The first step involves agreement and acknowledgement that you are the owner of the device that needs to be monitored. Once this process is complete, you can choose the page for ordering and complete every section by agreeing to legal conditions of Mobile Spy. You can finish the purchase order by filling up the mailing details.

2.  Download: Once the ordering process is complete, you will receive an instant receipt via email with a registration code. The code should be used for account registration and creation of a username and password for your private account to view the registered logs. With the help of the instruction manual, one can easily download and install the software onto the smartphone.

 3.  Installation: Once the process of downloading is through, the installer file should be run on the phone to be monitored. The application secretly gets installed onto your phone without any signs of it on your phone.

 4.  Settings: Even after the software is installed on your phone, the user of the device can continue using it like before without being aware about the secret monitoring application installed on the device. In order to check the interface of Mobile Spy, you can simply choose a particular key series on your phone. Once done, the settings can be altered accordingly based on the activities you want to track.

 5.  Login: When you begin to monitor, the application stays active and the smartphone activities get registered and stored in the private account itself. All you need to do is login to your private account of Mobile Spy anytime by entering the username and password.

Features of Mobile Spy

  • Call Logs: Incoming and outgoing call details are registered in addition to time stamp and duration
  • Text Message Logs: Details of text messages sent and received can be viewed along with the content even if it is wiped by the user
  • Location Logs: GPS positions are uploaded regularly with the help of a link connected to the map
  • Contact Logs: All calls that exist plus the new additions get registered in the account
  • Social Networking Logs: Registers the activities of WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook, and many more

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  • SMS Commands: Locks your smartphone remotely and unlocks it to either allow or limit usage. The information on the SIM present currently can be logged
  • Email Logs: Inbound and outbound emails can be retrieved and viewed anytime
  • Cell ID Location Logs: The details of your cell ID on the cell phone towers that are within the range are logged
  • URL Logs: The website addresses browsed by the user through phone browser can be logged
  • Video & Photo Logs: The photos and videos captured by the target phone can be retrieved
  • Calendar Events: All events on calendar such as time, location, and date can be retrieved

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Benefits of Mobile Spy

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  • The mobile monitoring software helps employers or company owners to keep a tab on the whereabouts of their workers or employees.
  • Teenagers can be guarded by parents as Mobile Spy application allows them to track every detail performed on the smartphone by teens. As a result, it saves teenagers from the dangers of cell phone and internet.
  • Mobile Spy allows users to create a backup option on their cell phones. It offers backup for text message logs, call logs, location logs, and so on.


To conclude, this simple mobile monitoring program known as Mobile Spy can be installed on your smartphone for unveiling the truth. The support system of Mobile Spy is quite strong as it offers assistance for its clients round the clock. Several people have reaped the benefits of this software and hence the demand for this software has shot up to great heights. The monitoring software has attained attention not only from its users, but also through media, magazines, websites, and TV stations across the world.  There is no better way to detect the hidden truth than Mobile Spy.

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